FireX Technocon Pvt.Ltd has a vast history of unmatched service with impartiality to provide its clients with simple installation experience. Our expert team believes in delivering follow up and follows through service to ensure hassle free installation of fire and security alarm system. We work towards providing you with the peace of mind that becomes possible by working with trustable service partner.

FireX's employees have decagon of expertise in designing, installation, servicing and monitoring fire and security systems. Our expertise results in installation that can be relied upon. Our energetic system installers use their strong project management and organizing skills to put forth the highest standard of installation.

We pay attention to details and so do you. Our fire systems installers comprise of experienced technicians trained to plan an installation, ensuring everything is done properly and correctly. We ensure your peace of mind as we examine and test every system before it is completed. FireX Technocon employees are dedicated towards providing satisfying installation experience that results in a constant, trustworthy and certified system.


FireX Technocon provides a complete design of the fire alarm system for installation. We incorporate machinery and structure from leading manufacturers. The company provides freedom to choose the right systems and service partner for the best output. We try to ensure that every system installed, operates in accordance with the required codes and standards.

Installation of a fire alarm system is complicated task and for which proper time management is required. For the same our technical team takes proper time for installation of fire alarm system.
We are a pioneer in the industry of fire alarm services providing system installation for your unique needs and requirements. FireX Technocon is a reliable partner with a vast and extensive success history for forever relationship with our clients. We also assist in maintenance, testing, inspection and monitoring for the smooth functioning of the alarm system.

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